Arli Liberman playing his fretless ZR Scarab guitar

Arli Liberman released his new album named ALLEGRA. This album includes track “Mr Rueben” which has been recorded on his new fretless ZR Scarab guitar. Live performance video of this track is available on his You Tube channel.

Scarab Arli
Fretless guitar ZR Scarab – Arli Liberman signature
Building on the release of his first LP Fata Morgana, Allegra moves away from his debut’s lighter, uplifting narrative to explore the darker parts of music and life. The juxtaposition was an intentional one, with Arli highlighting the good in the bad, the increased depth possible though a more realised and full-hearted approach and the ability for darkness to sound beautiful.
released June 23, 2016

Arli Liberman – ALLEGRA

“Mr Rueben” – Live performance

New Bass Guitar

Here You can see a new four string bass guitar.  When I designed this instrument I put  emphasis on materials and simplified construction of components. It is named after Greece goddess Hera and dedicated to my friends from HERA Rock, Prachatice. More information with detailed description will be publish soon on the individual website.